Tips to a Tidy Tack Room

William Woods Equestrian

A messy tack room can be a nightmare. No matter how many horses you have, no matter how many riders bring their muddy boots through and no matter how big your tack room is, keeping it organized is essential. Not only does a clean tack room prolong the use of your equipment — by keeping it dry and out of the elements — it also creates a safer environment for all of those who use it.

Whether your facilities serve show or race horses, therapy or education programs, we’ve created an infographic below with a few tips on keeping a tidy tack room that everybody can appreciate.

This infographic identifies key tips for keeping a tidy tack room to store saddles, bridles and other equestrian equipment. It’s essential to keep a tack room dry, clean, and light. Proper ventilation combats dampness, which may mold leather and tarnish metal. Adding wire shelves and designated storage organizes equipment for ease. Good lighting will keep your tack room free of pests, like bugs, birds and rodents.

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