Business skills matter for every equestrian student and aspiring equine professional

William Woods Equestrian

“If I didn’t own a horse, this car would be a Ferrari.”

A common bumper sticker around the stable.

Keeping and caring for a horse is expensive, as is running a horse business. So it comes as no surprise that equestrians — regardless of profession — must hold basic business skills for successful careers. That’s equine veterinarians, photographers, stable owners, trainers, therapy service providers and more.

No matter which major or discipline you study at William Woods University, your curriculum includes business coursework. Every bachelors of equestrian studies student takes entrepreneurship, horse management, stable management and equine business practices. Equine Administration students learn business communications, organizational behavior and leadership, productivity tools and more.

Equine business consultant and owner of Blue Ribbon Consulting Lisa Oden outlines ten issues of greatest concern, including finding and training employees, generating revenue and managing the money for financial viability, insurance, finding and keeping customers, keeping costs down, and horse health issues.

This list can be augmented with the importance of building a web presence, marketing and social media.

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