Equestrian Career Spotlight: Equine Media

William Woods Equestrian

“In Hollywood and in too many novels nobody walks a horse,” writes long rider and New York Times best selling author Doug Preston. “They leap on and gallop away, and hours later, when a real horse would be crippled up or buzzard bait, they are still tearing along the trail, their super steeds not even slick with sweat.”

Doug Preston — author of equestrian travel accounts, “Cities of Gold” and “Talking to the Ground” explained the importance of accuracy in the Long Rider’s Guild Academic Foundation Equestrian Writer’s Guide.

It’s inaccuracies like these Preston mentions, as well as a special eye for the various nuances of equestrian sport, that call for experts in both the world of equestrian as well as the medium on which the story is being told.

No matter what practice or discipline  — long riding, racing, Dressage, Western, Saddle Seat or Jumping — capturing accuracy is crucial for those inside and outside of the equestrian industry.

William Woods University bachelor’s students can pursue the Equine Media Concentration within the Equine General Studies major to pursue careers in these creative fields. Students take courses in both equestrian science and the art medium they wish to pursue.

There are advertising, marketing, and public relations firms who specialize in the equestrian industry. There are writers, photographers, event specialists and more who have carved their creative niche in the equestrian world.

Alumni from this program work for organizations like these, as well as working and writing for some of the hundreds of equestrian publications.  Alumni also work in communications for specific equestrian organizations, such as the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) to help inform their cause via blogging, social media and print.

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