Course Spotlight: Equestrian Events

William Woods Equestrian

Interested in judging equestrian shows When you’re in the middle of a show, between the chaos and commotion and all of the things to do, it’s hard to remember the event for what it is: so many very passionate and dedicated people and their hardworking horses coming together to participate in something great.

There is so much that goes into events like these that many of us never think about.

Running an equestrian event takes organization, preparation and delegation no matter the size. There is so much involved:

  • Locations — not just what venue to use, but how everything will be organized within the event;
  • Volunteers;
  • Safety, risk management;
  • Financing the event;
  • Building awareness and excitement;
  • Entertainment;
  • Photography;
  • Research and human resources;
  • Community outreach;
  • And so much more.

This week’s spotlight shines on William Woods Master of Education (MEd) in Equestrian Education course EDU 562, called Development of Resources for Equestrian Educational Events. This graduate level course Interested in judging equestrian shows dives into the development, organization and evaluation of equestrian educational programming and events.

Part of the course includes developing an event or program resources plan from scratch — a strategic timeline, an identified network community, risk management review and final event or program assessment.

There are many kinds of education equestrian events. Many take organization, detailed scheduling, money, volunteers, and some one or ones who have the proper tools to make it all come together.

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