Equestrian students take advantage of clinics with ambition to learn

William Woods Equestrian

William Woods equestrian students make the most out of clinics. Imagine an opportunity to have some of the greatest experts in your field share their insight and coach you with a group of other passionate peers.

It’s not too lofty of an idea. Because it’s achieved through equestrian clinics every day.

They’re one of the coolest ways to get to know a discipline or a practice, learn from experts, and work hands-on with your horse.

No matter if you want to use your equestrian degree to teach, ride, coach or virtually anything else, attending clinics is a great way to gain insight from experts, network with industry leaders, and practice your riding skills, training, and horsemanship.

In an article for Horse Nation, dressage rider and trainer Morgane Schmidt mentions a few pieces of advice for getting the most out of each clinic, including the importance of assessing what you’ve learned at the end of each clinic.

“I try to review what we worked on and how/where it applies in the grand scheme of my riding and training. Essentially I ask myself how what I learned will shape my next training steps. This helps me determine the value of the clinic and if I’d want to ride with the clinician again in the future.”

Every year, William Woods University hosts various clinics for every seat with some of the industry’s greatest experts.

So far this year, we’ve hosted Saddle Seat horseman Smith Lilly, Oregon-based Hunter/Jumper rider and coach Jeff Cook, a youth hosted by our championship judging team, and more.  On Saturday, April 9, William Woods will be hosting clinics with Richard Shrake, The “Trainers’ Trainer”.

Students and the public can attend clinics, as well as audit. Very often, William Woods University equestrian students can audit clinics for no charge.

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