Program spotlight: Equestrian Art

William Woods Equestrian

 William Woods students practicing equine art

William Woods University equine general studies degree offers a concentration in Equine Art. The program combines coursework in equestrian studies with basic design, graphic design and other upper level art classes.

Equine artists have a unique ability to take their experiences in the horse world — and understanding of nuances, passion and beauty — and apply it creatively to their medium.

“Riding and art have taken me to a lot of places around the world,” said former jockey Nick Martinez in an article for Blood Horse. “If you look at my art, you can see emotions in the animal; especially in the running horses. I think I offer something a little more. I almost relive moments when I paint them.”

According to The Equinest, important skills of an equine artist include, “an affinity for your chosen artistic medium, a firm grasp of equine anatomy and the tenacity to keep trying again.”

What kinds of careers are available to a person interested in equestrian art? Here are five:

  1. Graphic Designer: Help produce creative materials, like layout design, logos, or infographics for a horse magazine, website, special events organization, barn, teams, and more.
  2. Horse Artist: Produce great pieces of art that show the intricacies and beauty of the horse.
  3. Horse photographer: Photograph horses at competitions, shows, and other occasions with an understanding of form and function.
  4. Television or film: Consult for television and film so that final pictures convey accurate information as well as great images.
  5. Design Horse Communities: Like an interior designer, work to help design floor plans and organization of barns and stables, tack rooms, show rings, and even trails or courses.

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