William Woods University Hosts First-Ever Pinto Breed Show April 8

William Woods Equestrian

Pinto Breed

Although William Woods University has been showing Pintos for years, they have never hosted their own Pinto breed-specific show — until now.

Classes for the Western program’s Pinto Breed Show, approved by the Pinto Horse Association of America, begin bright and early Saturday, April 8 at 7:30 in the morning — starting with halter and showmanship then moving onto Huntseat, Saddleseat, Western, ranch events and finally trail.

“We have some hard to find classes such as ideal classes, discipline rail, ranch pleasure, ranch riding, lunge line and freestyle reining,” said Equestrian Studies Assistant Professor Liz Haben, who, along with the Western program, has organized the show.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to show at a breed association level as it is not often that one can earn association points while never leaving the comforts of their own barn,” Haben said.

“This opportunity will allow students to earn Pinto points to gain personal growth and professional development within their field of study. This in turn builds their resume and marketability within the industry for future employment.”

Haben explains that her own Western students will not be riding in the competition, because instead they will be working and running the show, gaining incredibly valuable knowledge on show management.

“All around, this is simply an outstanding opportunity for all involved.”

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