Equestrian Roundup; Top equestrian events of 2017

William Woods Equestrian

2017 was a busy year for William Woods University’s Equestrian programs. As the new year takes hold, and spring semester hits full swing, we reflect on a number of great events of last year and look to the 2018 year with excitement for what is to come.

American Saddlebred horse trainer Tammy DeVore came to the William Woods campus in Fulton, Missouri for a clinic February 4-5. Equestrian studies students were able to meet in small groups with DeVore to really get that specialized time with her.

Columbia’s Vox magazine also covered the Spring Fun Show held at William Woods University February 25.

Pinto Breed Show The Western program hosted its first Pinto Breed Show, approved by the Pinto Horse Association of America, on April 8.

“This [was] an amazing opportunity for students to show at a breed association level as it is not often that one can earn association points while never leaving the comforts of their own barn,” Equestrian Studies Assistant Professor Liz Haben said.

Also in April, William Woods hosted hunt seat legend George Morris from the 28-30. In an article for The Woods Today, and in a version also published in the August 2017 issue of Saddle & Bridle Magazine, Tiffany Smith wrote “Morris spent time emphasizing tips that are useful to all seats: [including], “A happy horse is a disciplined horse”; “Accuracy is better than speed”; and “A horse develops bad habits in seconds, but good habits take years”

Pinto Breed Show We interviewed then junior Vonla Glassman who helped organize and prepare for the clinic. “I really enjoyed the no stirrups day. [Mr. Morris] had us ride with no stirrups and with our reins in one hand. This really forced me to ride off of my legs instead of mostly my hands, which created a much more relaxed horse,” said Glassman.

William Woods University equestrian students and professors brought home several awards at the Pinto World Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Woods Today reported “In addition to the group earning a number of top ten awards, Rachel Bradley and WV Kyss of Fame earned three Reserve World Championships Pinto Breed Show (in English Showmanship, Trail, and Western Ideal), Assistant Professor Liz Haben earned a World Championship (in Open Pleasure Type Trail), and Maggie Mathews and WWU’s Naturally Fancy earned a World and Reserve World Championship (in Hunter Under Saddle and Amateur Ideal English, respectively) and the High Point Novice Amateur All Around Saddle.”

William Woods celebrated its 25th anniversary of the Summer Riding Program for riders ages 10-18 years old.

A typical day at the summer riding program includes riding lessons, demonstrations and discussions on horse health, anatomy, nutrition and the responsibilities of horse ownership.

DecemberPinto Breed Show
William Woods hosted the Saddle Seat World Cup Selection Trials on Saturday, December 2, and junior Taylor Woods qualified to try out for the team and participate in the event. A number of equestrian students also served as grooms in the event.

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